if you think bassists aren’t important i will throw dallon weekes at you

pete wentz put my picture i made of him and messi on instagram promo



so that happened and im in shock why not do a promo?

2-3 blogs for each category :~)


-mbf me

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-have fun??


-best mcr urls

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go ogogo ogog

15 minutes!!

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the kings


As if you couldn’t already tell, I’m ecstatic about meeting FOB and Joe would literally not shut up about my shirt, so clearly, this calls for a promo! (Also I just hit 11.4k, so it doubles as that too.)

I’ll be choosing 10 mutuals and 10 non-mutualsNo categories, just the blogs I like best!

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Ends tomorrow night (July 14, central time).

Enjoy! :)


“No, it’s cool I gotta tune my guitar”

“Oh for fucks sake”



my goal in life is 2 b patricks guitar



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Your first favorite band always has a special place in your heart, even if you fell in love with a new one.


i found some scans of an old kerrang article on my laptop u can hav them

followed! im adaytorebecca :)

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sitting around in the living room and my grandmother is talking about how she would kill the chickens with her own hands when she grew up on the farm and i dont want to be here at al l

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